Monday, July 5, 2010

textures and prints

blue moto jeans/black chic avenue jeans
fits size 26-28

metallic print dress
RM 28
*knee length

stripped short dress
Rm 30
*can be a long top for taller girls

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Give me Length;

Eclipse Satin Halter Dress
*bought originally for rm259, doesn't suit me perfect for that salsa night out ;)

Floral Print Cocktail Dress

Printed Bubble Dress
*Ribbon tied at the back, bubble skirt; cute no?

Long Maxi Halter Dress
RM 45
*never worn

Tiered Chiffon Dress
RM 50
*bought for Rm89
never worn, tiers don't do me justice apparently :(

Ugh, you've got baggage?

Embroidered Duffle Bag

Authentic Roxy Bag
RM 45
*3/4 the size of an a4 paper

Woolen Knitted Bag

for your lil sisters,
authentic Girls Bag
RM 30

Buckle-Front Bag
RM 28
*length of an a4 paper.

but of course, with love

Basic Beginners;

Embroidered Smock Back Bubble Top

Assorted Embroidered Tees
RM10 each

70's high waist Denim Shorts

My Chemical Romance Tee
RM 15
fits M, and men too

Roxy Fakie Tee

Little Miss Lucky Tee
RM 12
*bought from little black book

Till later, the zombie's too busy with assignments :(
* I spy with my lil eyes, bagsbagsbags in the next post ;)